Im having a ball with these spring mini

catalogue stamps here..heres some I did for a demonstration tonight. These are a couple of trifold pocket cards using the  Apple Cider papers and the Summer picnic papers.  All my ladies went wow at this card and remarked that it would be lovely to pop some tickets (lotto) or a voucher in to make it a  beautiful gift. The love the apple cider papers and the new spring mini stamps had a good work out tonight!  Now see I LOVE the summer picnic papers and have nearly used up every  little scrap of paper (12 sheets of doublesided paper)  but the apple cider papers have been a hit with my  customers so far.  The tart and tangy stamps get the big thumbs up from a lot of people  too who intend to use them for their christmas cards..strawberries and cherries for Christmas right?! Next on my wish list is the boho blossom punches…

hmm my wish list is  getting HUGE..hows yours?

Dont forget just give me an email if you want anything out of the catalogue.




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