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everyone …I will leave this open for 2 weeks (until 23rd November) so that everyone has a chance to pick up the mag and post in my previous post to get a RAK! i love giving and coming up to Christmas ..thats what its all about for me and my family.

I taught my first Christmas cracker class today..ive taught this class before but not with SU product but boy oh boy ..I reckon this is my best cracker Ive done yet!…each year is different and everyone I make it for (my family and friends) love it and take it away to treasure…well I hope so anyway! inside i put a handmade hat, a blow out toy know those party favours you buy? a very very sick joke downloaded from the internet and a little gift eg scratchy or a nail file or a little wind up toy or a snack size chocolate or a get the drift? The snaps are available from most sewing shops eg bernina ..just ask as they are often tucked away. img_3037


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