My downline Jennifer M

gave me this last week..its a pillow box made out of acetate..isnt it cute! (Thanks Jenn)  It DID have scorched almonds in it but that got eaten straight away lol and so I have put some Cadbury eight moments in there to show you how much you can get in there..would be a lovely gift for the teacher maybe done up in christmas colours…you get the drift..I dont reckon those chocolate moments are going to last long as I have been tempting my kids by having them in the fridge for over a month as I told them they were for my Christmas card workshops (now finished) lol


About Delys of milky bars, Chocolate, fruit and coffee. Sharemilker, Mother and Wife Scrapbooker and storyteller of our lives.

2 thoughts on “My downline Jennifer M

  1. This is so cute! Well done jennifer. I have seen it done on u tube but it is hard to pick up the folds as it is clear and I am sure it was a template through a big shot or somthing so would be interested to see if that was how she did it.?
    oh and let me know how the chocolates taste I have been so tempted to buy them but the bigger cake of chololate seemed much better value for money and much more for the hips lol!
    Hope you are having a great weekend.


  2. Hi, I just used a pillow box template and scored the acetate firmly with a bone folder. The one on u-tube did indead use the Big-Shot Die Cutter which SU might just have available in NZ soon…….




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