Ive been tagged

by Chloe

taggedthumbnailI have to say 7 random facts about myself, link back to the person who tagged you and then tag 7 others ..I don’t normally do these tags but will this time….lol

1. I eat tomatoes on toast for brekkie every day and even when it costs $8 a kilo..crazy but I love tomatoes.

2. I am an ex competitive swimmer and swam under Duncan Laing for a time there and went to national levels..Unfortunately it got too hard to get to the pool (convenient excuse!)

3. When i was a kid my mother bought Peanut butter in the largest jar you could find and when she wasnt looking Id eat it out of the jar with a desert spoon..eww

4. I have been a postie, a dealing room settlements junior (stockmarket), a lab assistant then lab technologist (specialising in paediatric cancers), Mum(current), Boarding school supervisor, sports trainer, dairy farmer (current) and ACE teacher (current)…whats next?

5. I am an ex cub leader ..loved doing this but am totally over camping. I did this for 5 years.

6. I dislike brussel sprouts, asparagus and brawn with a passion..yuck!

7.Im a book lover and speed read..scifi/fantasy mainly and will read until the wee small hours if I can..gotta finish the book aye?

who to tag?

I tag






and thats all I can think of who has blogs and havent had been tagged already…


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  1. Hannah

    These are always so interesting to read! I learned a few new things about you, Delys. Like how much you love tomatoes! LOL 😀

    Thanks for the tag. I have done one of these (7 random facts) before … twice before I think … but if I can think of another 7 things I will do it again 😉


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