6×6 mini album

I actually made this a few weeks ago as my daughter found a little mini album Id done in 2004 with all of her likes and dislikes. She just loved that mini album to bits so I decided to do another for her at 12. Ive left a few pages blank so that I can add to it!!

I taught this in my scrapbooking class a couple of weeks ago and seem to be in the swing of mini album fever!

I love mini albums as they are a wonderful present for family.

me at 12Inside there is her likes and dislikes at 12, her speech (she was a finalist) pictures of her successes this year in the pool and at the EBOP science fair, her calf club calf and a space for her handwritng and her school production (which was last night)



Add Yours
    • rowanz

      Thanks Michelle ..my DD loves it but you know she loves her original 2004 one even more lol. I enjoy doing minis but they are time consuming aye? How are you going? Im getting over the swime flu here and feeling sorry for myself (dont get sick often and am a real wooss) Delys


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