My new twist on a diamond fold card

I was going to show you this next month but i cant wait to share so here it is …

I made this diamond fold card and was having a play with it and came up with this. I have since done some more but you will have to wait for another day for those! Ive just got back from a team training which is a lot of fun..I wish I could get together with the team more often (like once a week lol) I met some new demonstrators and some team friends,

I learIMG_6648nt a lot , laughed a lot and talked a  lot (whats new!)

I stayed with Rachael Knight who is my upline uplines upline (say that with a few drinks lol) and had a wonderful time chatting and creating with her. Thank you Rachael for putting me up..thanks David for the discussions about palm kernel  lol ..really enjoyed that!

And then I caught up with one of my downline for brunch and a chat today so it was a beaut weekend!

Next weekend I have a Christmas Extravaganza on so see the below post for the link to that blog.



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