Secret Sister Swap

Photo Album Side View #2Bella RoseRecently I got all of this and more in the mail from my Secret Sister Susan Joyce who totally spoilt me! Anway we were emailing each other and she said she was off to a stamp camp in Perth WA and I said ..where? (used to live there) and I laughed when she said Swanleigh Residential College…I went whoa I used to live and work there (its a boarding school residential college but the kids go to a local highschool..almost all are back/wheatbelt country or mining kids) ..whats your kids names and when were they there…i say..turns out her daughter was in my hockey teams and I looked after her as a relief housemistress ..its a small world! Hubby was a housemaster there at the time and I worked fulltime at Princess Margeret Hospital for children and did relief work and taught Hockey and swimming. Our son came along and that changed it all but it was a great time in our lives and gave us lots and lots of experience in dealing with teenagers.

I was absolutely gobsmacked with Sues creativity and go and check out her blog!!!


I have since taught this backpack mini album and adjusted it again. I think it would be fantastic as a teacher gift too dont you?

P.S Dont you just love that picnic basket!!

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