Mini Album Im teaching tonight

I was supposed to be teaching an Andrea Walford mini album tonight but unfortunatley it must be on the slow boat from the while I was blog hopping yesterday I  came across Makeesha Byls mini album that is on her blog and that is what I am teaching tonight instead..Thanks Makeesha for an awesome mini album! I have changed it slightly and havent decorated it like I normally would with photos as its going to be a prize draw for an Extravaganza I have coming up. This album is easy to do so go and check out Makeeshas blog and have a go! If you are in my neck of the woods then look out for a class in the next month. Everything is cut and scored for tonight so all you have to do tonight is to put it all together and decorate it. I have a range of colours to pick from so not just Christmas girls!

My swaps are all done and I will post my card tomorrow along with a few scrapbooking Layouts I have been doing lately. Come back and see me soon!


Christmas and swaps

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