Tell me how I did this and win!

IMG_6830IMG_6831IMG_6832Tell me how I did the edges on this Layout and win some goodies from my craft room! (If you were at the Hamilton regionals yesterday those lips lol!)

Reply to this post and the first person to get it totally correct wins a prize!

Regionals went well yesterday! Thanks to Emma and all of the presenters there. Will take a photo of all the swaps tomorrow..I have some very cool swaps to show you…


Add Yours
  1. Megan

    I think you have resist embossed the out side with clear embossing powder then sponged on the ink. If not I will love to know how you have done it.
    take care


  2. Tee-Jay

    Hi Delys
    I think you used the distressing one on the cutter kit on page 155 of the catalogue. If I am right them I made the right choice in ordering one last week as the edging is gorgeous!


  3. Megan

    ok I cant work it out but I will try and change slightly what I said was it white embossing powder and you directly rubbed the ink pad over it or even used a brayer. If not any that then I am stumped.


  4. janine

    Hi Delys, have you wet the edges with water and then maybe curled the edges around a skewer . I’m referring to the border edge around the photos. I agree a great page, lovely little girl.


  5. Anna

    Okay I’m still going with the versamark and sponging on the outer edges and for the DSP I’m guessing you have used your aqua painter with water on the edges and rolled using your fingers.


  6. Megan

    well I will have another try and add onto what I have previously stated the embossing and apply the ink to the paper then wetting the edges and curled them .


  7. Megan

    Hi again would like to add a little bit more when you have wet the edges then when rolling it you have distrest it slightly between your fingers and skewer causing the little tears and rough edges. over layed it onto a eyelet punched base. If not I am at a lost.I love it the page.


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