My Kawerau Class

IMG_6859I had one of my Kawerau card classes today and as its the last for the year (for this class) we had a gift giving and shared lunch.

The hostess/organiser Kaaren does paper tole cards and they are soooooo cool!!

This is a very apt card that she gave me today as a thank you. Thank you Kaaren for being an awesome hostess and organiser of my fortnightly classes in Kawerau.

I also got my very first christmas card today from Rae and I will show you that card in another post.

Tomorrow is the Tauranga Extravaganza ..and Ill be there teaching a spring card..check out tomorrows post to see it!


Today is a remembering sort of day Dads birthday. I always light a candle for my Dad and remember him (and still miss him terribly!)

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