Making your own party blowers

heres the tutorial I promised. Sorry about the casual photos but I couldnt find my grid paper.

Heres the blowers for my Christmas Day table..just my own family and my sister this year which is rather nice (easy too)

Ive used my leftover Ski slope DSP and teamed it up with that gorgeous polka dot Grosgrain.

so heres the tutorial..

How to make Party Blowers

1. Cut a piece of DSP to 2 1/2 x 12 inches.

2. Score lenthways at 1″ and 2″,  leaving an 1/2 inch flap.

3. Apply sticky strip or thin double sided tape to length of 1/2 inch flap and along bottom edge. It is important to not have any gaps. Fold closed as shown (3a)

4.Roll blower around pencil starting from bottom edge.

5. Tie rubber band around blower and leave for 24 hours so that the shape holds.

6. Cut a piece of cardstock 2 1/2 inch by 1 1/2 inch.

7. Apply sticky strip on one short edge and roll into a cylinder.

8. Tape of the rubber band and insert into the blower opening.  It needs to be a tight fit.

9. Wrap sticky strip around join of cardstock and paper several times.

10. Cut a piece of ribbon (aprox 2 1/4″ in length). Apply snail adhesive along edges of ribbon and wrap around where you applied the sticky strip. (put the seam to the bottom so its not as visible. Voila you have made a party blower!

I have also tried this with shirring elastic up the middle (hoping the blower would be able to come back but havent had a successful one yet) Instead I kept on pinging my face/hands etc with elastic…lol!


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