Using left over scraps

I love to use up left over scraps for simple cards (which I sell)  These ones were using the left over cardstock on my last project below. The first two are direct colouring from my markers onto the stamp. The summer sun one is leftover cardstock from a card I did yesterday. A nice cheery card for someone celebrating their divorce perhaps?  Have you heard of that? Apparently is very cool to host a ‘Yay I’m getting divorced party!’

Sometimes a simple card is perfect for the job dont you think? Sometimes I can get carried away with my layering so its nice just do some simple cards. Back soon with some projects to show. ..but they aint simple..


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  1. Danielle Daws

    These are your “using my scraps” cards??? Tsk tsk, Delys. These are too good for scraps! Shame on you…

    I love the idea of divorce parties. I hope to be invited to one one day! I also want to be invited to one of those weddings where the person marries themselves (is it because no one will have them, or do they just really love themselves? Maybe it’s for the gifts – what do you put on your registry? Cutlery setting for one?). And a pet birthday party where you all take your pets and they get party hats and play pass the parcel…


  2. Delys

    lol Danielle …Yep anyone wants to invite me I can do the invites..I think its great! i have several friends who have been through this recently and hope to be their at the party (hint to my friends)


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