Bumblebee invitations

My daughter is about to turn 13 and has a party planned and asked me to make her invites..muggins me says yes and then she tells me want she wants..o dear me thinks!!

Not just some ordinary invites ..she wants never ending card invites (or double slider invites..um neverending ones were easier i reckoned!)

so Laugh.. here I am last night and today making 12 bumblebee coloured invitations. She also wants a beehive cake too but thats on the do list for next week.

Here they are..

colours used are black and summer sun and the stamps used are Family Phrases, Hello again and Bloomin with beauty (bumblebee).


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    • Delys

      yep I know have to stop in and get some more from spotlight on saturday as Im all out lol Have to get black too ..hope I can get it as my last lot was from a cake shop


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