Just Add Colour- a mini album

Just Add Ink has a colour challenge this week which I have absolutely adored doing. Possibly because this little album is created with love but also I love these funky colours..well suited to a teenager I thought!

I loved making this mini album which is for our DDs 13th birthday. Every year I make her a mini album with all of her likes and friends. This year she is having a party (see below) and I wanted this mini album to be autographed by her friends at her party.On the back of the album is room for photos. All products are SU.

Here are the pics..I made this album out of a plain old manilla folder. I cut the manilla folder in half lengthways and created the pockets for the tags.As you can see Ive left it up to my daughter to fill it in!

And on an update on the invites ..they were a hit and I might have an impromtu class at the party lol.

Am a bit sick at the moment but the Docs prescribed some neurofen plus and anti inflammatories and Im all happy again lol!


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