Monochromatic LOs

When I explain to my scrap classes that we are doing monochromatic LOs this month..Im sure they might think ..that sounds boring but when they get to actually do one they just LOVE doing them.

Ive used white and reds here on these LOs but any colour is fun to do.

Here are my two LOs to show. Im  also teaching how to make your own glitter chipboard, making your own 3D flowers and using the circle scissor plus and using the mat pack for balancing effect.One of my ladies on Saturday loved it so much she went onto to doing 4 more LOs using the techniques I taught..gotta love that!


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  1. tracee

    love both those layouts Delys – very inspiring and just the kick in the butt I needed this week – will have to give that go myself. Have a good week!


  2. bronheslop

    Awesome pages, Delys. I love how you’ve crimped one of the circles on the red layout – hope you don’t mind if I CASE that idea! 🙂


  3. Leah Renee Amoroa

    i loooove monochromatic anything!!!! i remember a few of the tips Holly Thorn gave us on monochromatic colour schemes really useful!!! i love how the photos are still the focus and your embellishments are very complimentary! did you take the photos?? good shots!


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