Some awards

Ive been showered with awards lately thanks girls!! I am very late at putting these up but better late than never.

The reason why Ive been late is because Ive been madly making swaps for the Stampin’ Up! Convention in Sydney its my first and I head over there in 12 days time..woohoo! Cant wait to meet all of my blogging buddies thats for sure!

so I got the Sunshine Award from Helen and Sally ..thank you both! Then I got the beautiful blogger award from Liam, Paula, Debbie and Danielle. Thanks so much girls. Im supposed to pass it all onto others but I think I will just give it to everyone as I get so much inpiration from you all that I dont want to narrow it down to just a few!

But I will answer 10 questions about myself..Im a Gemini after all and like talking!

1. Im an ex competitive swimmer and love to swim..pity I dont do it more often as then Id win on the battle of the bulge.

2. I love to wear red..handbag, shoes or clothing..I dont care.

3. I am an asthmatic and so is my hubby but both of our kids are not..weird but good aye?

4. I love to eat fruit and my favourites are stoned fruit like plums, peaches and apricots.

5. Im a medical technologist by trade and used to take blood off tiny wee neonates/leukaemic kids and weird and wonderful syndrome kids..Its been a career that has been extremely interesting!

6. Im a dairy farmer now and rear 350 calves over calving  (July- September) first I think they are cute but believe me after teaching 15 newbies how to drink off a calfeteria every friggin day you soon get over it! Usually they are fine after a day or so and get on themselves but sometimes it is a battle of wills.

7. I met and married my Hubby from University. Weve been married 22 years and known each other for 25 years. He was one floor above me in the student hostels..wink wink!

8. I originally wanted to be a vet but didnt get the marks at school to get into vet science.

9. I hoard buttons and shabby chic and vintage!

10. Im a very messy crafter and have my whole table covered with stuff all the time..and I  love it that way ..cant create when its tidy!

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