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Before I get into my post, here are a few details about what’s happening… There are 10 stops on our Blog Hop (Just Add Ink and each of our 9 Design Team members), but the hop is set up in a loop so it doesn’t matter where you start. All you need to do to follow along is click the blog hop button at the end of each post and you’ll be taken to the next stop! The cool part of that is that you can do the Blog Hop whenever you want.

Each week at Just Add Ink, we host a challenge, and this week we’ve incorporated it into our Blog Hop. So the challenge is for you to Just Add… A Technique From The Blog Hop. Easy! There are 9 fantastic techniques to choose from (with a tutorial to match); the hard part will be making the choice!  Add your entry to the Just Add Ink blog as normal.

And onto my technique!!!

As you all well know, I love to brayer my cards. I have learnt most of these techniques from Michelle Zindorf and by trial and error and often get asked how to do it. So this week, I’m teaching you how to brayer.

Here is a video I have done showing the whole technique of brayering. Its not fancy by any means and contains lots of ums!  I was going to redo the video but I have decided to run with it..lol!

Here is my card this week for Just Add Ink and a photo tutorial on how I have done it..

So I hope you give brayering a try!  Practise does make perfect so keep at it if you dont succed the first time. And now off to the lovely Brons blog for her fabulous tutorial

Click on this link below. If you get stuck on the way just pop back to the Just Add Ink blog and click on the links you want.


Add Yours
  1. Linda Henry

    Beautiful card! The written tutorial was great and very precise! Good job! You made it sound so easy in the video…easy enough for me to try! Thanks!!!!!


  2. TrishG

    Wow, I never saw a tutorial like this before. I never knew that you have to start your brayer off the page. No wonder you brayer experts can get such great backgrounds! This has inspired me to give it a try someday.


  3. Helen

    Thanks Delys great tutorial and video. I bought my self a brayer with my last order. I will have to make time in the weekend to have a play with it.


  4. Christine Blain

    Yep, ditto to all the above! Great tip to start off the edge of your cardstock, and to see you actually doing it was a HUGE help! I’m a Kiwi, but have lived in Australia for 26 years now, so it was great to hear your accent, Delys!! Your finished card is lovely. I really liked how you showed step-by-step, with instructions overlaid on the pictures. Great job!


  5. Mae Collins

    Great tutorial, did not realise the benefit of starting your brayer off the page like that until I actually saw you doing it in the video, thanks for sharing! I will have to get my brayer out and try it as you have shown.


  6. jackie watson

    Love your video, I just got my first brayer so I will give this a try, who knows what I will come up with. Thanks for sharing your beautiful card.


  7. Brenda Hugar

    Great video on brayering. Loved your card and how you put it all together. Thanks for the tips and for sharing your beautiful card.


  8. Elise

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my brayered card xx I haven’t got around to watching your video yet but by the sounds of it I MUST watch it NOW!!
    I wish I was going to Convention too, how sweet of you to want to swap with little ol’ me! Thanks for the inspiration x


  9. Naomi

    Hey Delys, that’s fantastic. I’ve been wondering however you got such lovely effects on your cards. They look fantastic by the way. What an awesome tutorial. Thanks ever so much for sharing. Hope to see you in Queenstown perhaps later in the year.


  10. Nadine Potroz

    Thanks for the video. I’m gonna have another go at brayering I’ve not been able to get the colours to blend that well.


  11. Michelle Martin

    Love IT!!! I just bought a brayer but was thinking of investing in another so that I can use light/dark colours without too much cleaning, this tutorial has SOLD me, not that it takes much to get me to buy more Stampin’ Up LOL


  12. Kelly

    thanks Delys…. I’ve had my brayer for a while now but haven’t actually used it thanks to being in awe of everyone’s examples…. thanks to your little tutorial I don’t feel so intimidated anymore and will definitely give it a go. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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