All packed and ready to go!

To convention that is!

Check back each day this week for giveaways each day while Im away and my swaps Im taking! Would love lots of comments so be in to win!

Im a bit worried about my labrador Bella as she has TCell Lymphoma and is currently on chemotherapy! She just has a pill but getting that pill into her is another story as she ‘knows’ when there is a pill in the cheese or luncheon or chicken bit..Youd think a labrador would just eat anything (and she does ..some things I wont mention either) but a pill! Whats with that?!!

Right off to pick up DD from a hockey game and hem 3 pairs of pants..


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  1. jmniffer

    Best wishes for Bellas recovery. We have had the best luck when giving pills to our dogs when we hid them in a “blob” of peanutbutter on our finger making sure there was some extra PB on our finger. They are so anxious to lick off the extra PB that the pill blob was swollowed quickly. Hope you find something that works, she needs her medicine.


  2. Christine C

    What a lovely dog – I hope she is OK, we use cream cheese to get our dog to take pills – he also wised up to the normal cheese and meat but this seems to work quite well so far.


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