Stampaholic DT Friday/Saturday

This week we have a sketch LO challenge from Marisol.

And this is what I came up with …not in time though.. I remember looking at the clock at 10 minutes going yeah gonna get this one but when I next looked up it was 20 minutes later and I still hadnt finished! All up it took me 42 minutes to I failed miserably on the time challenge this week lol. I was so excited to find these photos as I thought they had gone in our major flood in 2004 but these obviously  were up on a display board and were put in the freezer in between grease proof paper and they survived. I found them in a unopened box today as I was looking for something.

WE lost a lot of  photos in that flood and saved many by this method so if you are ever in this unfortunate position ..theres a tip we got from our local museum staff.

The photos are of course of my DD (now 13) and her very first calf club calf  at the age of 4. She was extremely taken with the umbrella she got as a prize and was saying to her calf …’look at this Wendy!’ It was a gorgeous moment!

The flower die is the no 2 flower die that Sandi McIver gave me for my birthday which was this week…29 again lol! Smooches to Sandi ..Thank you so much!

So head over to Carole’Annes blog to check out what the other DT have come up with!


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  1. Sage Kimble

    I love this page, Delys. And so glad you found your precioous pictures safe in the freezer. Great advice from the museum folks. Great colors, I love all the hearts and of course the details make it look finished. I think the 10, 20, and 30 minute limits are only a fantasy. 😀


  2. Darla Benson

    Delys, thank you so much for sharing this tip and a little bit of yourself. Your daughter looked so much like mine at that age. She was a regular tomboy, only about 15 years older then your daughter…LOL


  3. Mitzi Luttrull

    Delys, how fortunate that your photos survived the flood. I think family pics are among the most precious posessions we can have. You did a great job with this sketch.


    • Delys

      Thanks Mitzi. I agree..some didnt survive sadly but it was because of mould afterwards as we couldnt get into our flooded house for some time. Thought some of the albums were okay because they were above the level of the waters and found out later they werent.


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