Meet Peanut..

Ive been a little busy crafting/getting my house in order before calving started and wasnt ready for this... Hubby has named her peanut (we always name the early ones) and is about 2 weeks premature. The good thing is that she will be a little ratbag by the time the rest start to come along in a weeks time and will be able to compete in her mob.
So my time will start to be limited on here for the next 10 weeks or so. I hope to post as often as I can though..sometimes just photos but hopefully a card or three.
Heres a card I did after Paula Dobsons wonderful training at our creative inkers training day recently. Hers was a bag but I did another as a card. Love it..thanks Paula for teaching me!


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  1. Yvonne Walker

    Delys, she(he) is soooo cute and I cant wait for mine to cme, haven’t got any yet but give it 2-3 more weeks and away we go. I LOVE spring!!!! and my BABIES!!!!


  2. daffyscrapper

    We havent started yet so im enjoying the extra time with my man. Peanut is soooo cute but Im glad i dont have to feed calves anymore! bag looks great as a card too like the brads on either side too


  3. julia

    what a sweet looking calf!! I feel guilty now after having roast beef for dinner! lol atleast it wasn’t veal! Hope you can still fit in crafting while you are crafting – we need our DELYS fix regulary!! hehe


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