Stampaholic Inspiration challenge

I love inspiration challenges and this one was by Becky. Unfortunately I havent had much time this week with calving started and having been robbed of our calf trailer and farm ATV (4WD quad bike) and having to deal with police and insurance assessors.
Ive also been sick ..and two kids sick and I am about to head off to the Rotorua Womens Lifestyle and Expo show so been busy with that even though this is all been going on! You get my drift..
Heres my simple as card dont get to see these often but I kinda like it ..and as it only took me 4 1/2 minutes to do ..well thats pretty darn quick and efficient aye? Laugh. I think 4 and a half minutes is my record actually!
My downline Jenn saw the card and wanted to borrow/use my Pun fun stamp set a spin off there too. I was inspired by the scallop shell with a hint of pink..well I got a bit carried away with that but kept the crimping and the sanded stamping on the Kraft CS …I lurve kraft or crumb cake as its being renamed by SU in the next catalogue!
My Westie has been in the bad books with me over the last couple of weeks …but thats another post for when I get time to photograph the evidence. Dogs ..

So go and check out what the other Design Team have done here


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  1. Debbie Pike DT

    Love it Delys! Hope things slow down for you. Sounds like you’ve been so busy that you don’t know if you are coming or going.


  2. bronheslop

    I love that frame Delys. Hope you’re keeping on top of everything there – sure not helped by brainless people who steal others’ belongings! Hope you’re all well now, and that the kids are enjoying helping with calving during their school hols. Big hugs.


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