Black and white

Ive been scrapbooking this week in between feeding the squillions of calves that have been born this week..okay Im exaggerating but Im battered and bruised in places you wouldnt believe..courtesy of bunts from hungry calves. lol Its only the first official week of calving and Im over it already!

Anyway heres the LO I did ..which I thought was the sketch this week for the Stampaholic DT but I was wrong ..never mind I’m showing you it anyway. Sorry about the quality of the pics..its hard to take a photo of black and white projects!


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  1. bronheslop

    That’s a cool LO, Delys – good use of ‘white’ (black!) space! Cheeky calves, bunting you – I used to feed the orphaned lambs (up to 9 one year), and they were rough enough when they were hungry. I can only imagine how pushy a calf would be!


  2. Julia

    oh yes I am a big black and white fan, this LO is awesome!!! Am glad the only animal (if you exclude teenage son! lol) that I have around me is the cat – don’t think I could cope with a heap of hungery calves!! but if this is what you come up with after being bruised by the beasts maybe I should find some! hehe


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