Asian card class series

This month my card classes are making asian inspired cards and this is the first card we will be making..I like to start my classes with a simple card to get into the groove!

When I think of asian style I think of these red and white especially and I do love these colours together dont you?

Bad ….photo as we have had a week of rain and more to come..just as well my calves are all snug as a bug inside my big comfy shed aye?Im soo over calves I tell you!

Got to have my Kraft which is being renamed crumb cake in the next catalogue.

Stamps used here are Eastern Blooms and Vintage Vogue..both of which are in the next catalogue.

If you havent got a copy of the Last Chance List and arent on my newsletter list please sign up on my side bar or email me.  I will be updating regularly.Im hoping the new catalogue will be in my hot little hands by Friday and if you are wanting one then sign up to my email list to find out how you can get one for free.

Finally …dont forget to check out the Helping Hudson site here to purchase some awesome tutorials for a cause.


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