Oreo box

This week on the Stampaholic Design Team Sandi gave us  a 30 minute 3D challenge..she made up this box and gave us a tutorial on how to make it! ..Isnt she so clever!!

As soon as I saw it ..it reminded me of a poof ..you know the seat/footstools we used to have as a kid…laughing at what you were thinking hmm?

And then I came up with the idea to make it into a oreo cookie and this is what I came up with ..well it didnt take me 30 minutes..it took me 1.5 hours lol.

I was hoping to get my pre order today which has a yummy embossing folder which would have been perfect for the top but alas it didnt come so I used the manhattan embossing folder and my Big Shot to make the top of the oreo. I used my embossing stylus to make grooves around the outside and covered the whole top with crystal effects to make it shiny.

So go and check out what the other Design Team have come up with over on Carole’Annes blog here


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  1. Debbie Pike DT

    Perfect Delys! I originally was thinking ice cream sandwich, but Oreo is very much the same (color and shape wise!) – I guess we were thinking along the same lines. I love your box. Didn’t Sandi make a great pattern?


    • Delys

      It crossed my mind too Debbie but our ice cream sandwiches are cameo coral colour and square so then I got the idea of the oreo ..and my son was munching on one too lol. Yep Sandi is a clever clogs alright!


  2. Mitzi Luttrull

    You must have been hungry when you made this! I thought of an ice cream sandwich at first, but I diverted my thoughts. LOL. Cute idea for a box.


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