Stampaholic Saturday

Ive just got home from a mini break away with my Hubby ..Yummy food and good rest and relaxation. Perfect for the end of calving! Life on the farm is always busy as we head straight into Artificial Insemination on the cows before the bulls arrive in late October.  Tomorrow is the start of daylight saving here so we put our clocks forward an hour so instead of 4.30am wake up it will be a 3.30am wake up call (well that is what it will feel like for our bodies until they adjust!) I do like daylight savings though as it means its the start of barbeque season! Yay!

This is what we had for our inspiration this week ..Its a wonderful picture of some Christmas globes  and I have to admit to using contraband this week as the stamp set Ive used is in the US and Canadian Idea book and Catalogue and I have borrowed off a friend because I have a west highland white terrier (westie) which is similar to a scottie.  This card is for a friend who is going  through a  rough time with her marriage right now. Im really hoping this set comes in a mini catalogue for us this year as a lot of New Zealanders (and Australians) own a dog.The colours/supplies  Ive used are Marina Mist cardstock and ink, Early expresso cardstock, ink and ribbon, A mini clip and tiny tags stamps and tag punch.  Ive used the circle scissors plus for the circles. I had to add the rhinestones to the collar and used my stampa majig for the flowers as though she has thrown the roses out lol. This card took me 7 mins 30s

oh and here is my westie(Duncan) ..hes always grubby cos he lives on a farm. lol


Add Yours
  1. Ted

    Hey dude you look young in this pick – and reasonably clean – us white dogs need to stick together so go roll in some cow dung … Mum doesnt give me many opportunities to do that as I get a tad carried away and run off and cant memba how to get home …


    • Delys

      hey Ted didnt you know I take off every day with my mate Bella over the stop bank for a hunt and roll in whatever smells lovely. Thats why Mum cant ever keep me clean!


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