Just Add Blue

This week for Just Add Ink we have another special challenge focusing on Anxiety and Depression Awareness Month. I think we all know someone out there who has suffered from this throughout their lives.

Over a million people in Australia and New Zealand live with depression. Over two million have an anxiety disorder. With the right treatment, most people recover.

It’s easy to help raise awareness. Sometimes the simplest acts have the greatest impact – just talking openly about anxiety and depression helps reduce the stigma.

beyond blue Anxiety and Depression Awareness Month provides an opportunity for workplaces, community groups and individuals to take part in activities to raise awareness of anxiety and depression, and help reduce the associated stigma.

Find out more at beyondblue.org.au

This challenge has an extra incentive ..(if you want to do so) is to send your card or RAK (random act of kindness) to someone who you think would love to receive it.

This is my card

Ive used a trim that I found at my local haberdashery shop and couldnt resist! lol

Ive used Punch Potpourri stamps (level one hostess set) and the sentiment is a level three hostess set  called Occasional Quotes.

My card is going to one of my downline who has had a marriage break up.

I just want to wrap her up in cotton wool and bring her home to me. I hope she loves this card as much as I love her to bits.



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