On the weekend..

I had my Gisborne Extravaganza and I also went to my teams training/Christmas party in Hamilton…yep lots of driving this past weekend! My Gisborne ladies had a ball and we had lots of laughs. Thanks to you all. I had a wonderful time!

On Sunday at our team training  we made these…Rachael Knight showed us how to do a few tricks and left us to our own devices.. It was so much fun! We had to make a topper for it too and then we voted for the best cupcake, the best topper and the best overall.


These ones were my favourite but it was extremely hard to pick.

We also had some cool make n takes but I will show them later.

Thanks Patrice and Rachael for organising the day.I had so much fun. It was great to catch up with the others in my team and catch up with Barbara who is in my own team and put up with my gasbagging on the trip over and back lol!

Ill post the mini album tutorial tomorrow ..just trying to find the original site I got the instructions from.



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