Cleanout Giveaway -Day two

Thanks for all those comments yesterday ..My daughter Jennifer has drawn a name out of bowl ..and the winner is

Congratulations! Ill be sending you an email today Amanda!

Day 2 Giveaway is this

I got a bit carried away with this one and stuffed the kete full of scrapbooking supplies and mini albums. There is some stamps in there and Stampin’ Up! retired ribbon too. A lot of it I got through kits I purchased a couple of years ago but are still in their original packaging.

So leave me a comment by Midnight tonight. Only NZ residents are eligible for the draw sorry!

Because of Stampin’ Up! rules I cannot show you the other manufacturers items that Im giving away so to get around that ..each bag or box will be a mystery until you get it. I can show you any Stampin’ Up! product that has retired though.

Believe me when I say you will LOVE whats in the bag or box ..and if you dont…pass it along to someone who does.

and I have to show you this..

courtesy of this

and now my tree looks like this..naughty Oscar!!


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  1. Amanda

    WOW!! Thank you so much I came back this morning and Im the winner!!
    Very very exciting.
    If its not the kids wrecking havoc on the christmas tree then its the cats!
    I also prefer day old trifle but it was cheesecake for breakfast yesterday


  2. edna

    Oops, just realised I left my comments on day 1 again, so here I go again, thanks for giving us the opportunity to win a kete of goodies, love your cards


  3. Rachel

    LOL i love it – naughty cat though. Mine has stayed away from the tree but probably becuase he is taking a wide birth of the whole house with the noisy renovations and the fact the builder brought his dog too!
    So funny!
    Congrats Amanda how exciting!


  4. Jane

    Naughty Oscar!

    This is a very generous thing you are doing.


    Not sure if this is they way to comment/enter – but the sentiments are genuine either way!


  5. angela knight

    is only 8:49 and you have 10 comments already and I have just woken up!!! Anyway, I remember a couple of years ago when our cat was a kitten. we had a santa sleigh that would go around a track in the branches of the tree and she would run up there and wait for the sleigh to come round so she could bash it!!!
    Have a lovely day, hope you are getting bit of (personal) scrappin in!!!


  6. Jenny

    Too funny! Our cat used to climb up the centre when he was younger. By the way, I do visit you regularly but I don’t always leave comments. Thanks for the chance of winning your giveaways


  7. Tee-Jay

    Our cat Cuddles loved the baubles on the Xmas tree but this year I bought a little catnip mouse with a bell on it so she has managed to only destroy one bauble and has not demolished the tree. Hope you had a wonderful Xmas with your family and all the best for 2011.


  8. Kaye Treloar

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win a kete of goodies, love your cards,
    and every one loved the books you taught us at the Tauranga Extravagaza.
    Made them for Christmas gifts with photos of their families.


  9. Ted

    woo hoo you go Oscar … us boys are laughing here as Chelz got a growling from Mum as she jumped on the table when Mum came up the driveway … miss goody two shoes finally got a growling … even Jessejames was laughing! Mum is painting again so we wont see her much … wait, she just ran in the room because the aussie blokes got an englishman out in the Ashes test … she said damit, as he was on 82 and I think she wanted him to get 100 which would have been more than the whole aussie team scored! catchya!


      • Ted

        yeah I spoke too soon … Mum went out to the paddock to put next doors cow back in their paddock and I took the opportunity to eat burger rings … they were bootifull …
        Mum said she was disgusted in my behaviour … and my dinner was halved – I think she gave the other half to Shultz – bugga


  10. Debi Ryan

    That naughty pussy cat xx Our cats always used to go mental when we bought the 6ft pine tree into the house when we were kids- it would always end up on the floor…
    Cool and generous of you with these goodie bags would loooove to get my hands on one LOL Debx


  11. Bronny

    What a great giveaway Delys, Darn rules aye………
    Had to laugh at the christmas tree. I remember our cat doing that when I was little, and our tree had glass balls on it and some of them broke. Mum was not happy LOL, even though we throught it was funny


  12. Lesley

    What a generous idea – so very nice of you!

    Sorry about the Christmas tree – we have four trees again this year and I was a bit worried about the grandkids touching them but they have been so good – just standing and looking at the decorations with wide eyes and lots of ooohs and aaahs.

    Looking forward to classes in the New Year


  13. Dee

    Your tree look fab – clever pussy cat!!! I have to watch our tree too Delys. I have a little dog and he doesn’t care what he has to do to get out the door to protect his mummy!! or to get the birds off our property. Many a time the baubles are swinging on the tree!!


  14. Lainie

    Omgosh, your poor tree! Our four kittens are banned from the lounge room while the tree is up, probably have to ban them next year too by the sounds of things.
    Thanks for the give aways Delys. They look so yummy!


  15. Colleen Elvey

    Hey Delys, Wow cats are so naughty sometimes. When l just showed that photo to my daughter she laughed so much.
    Hope your day has been great.


  16. Rhonda Imrie

    Hi Delys
    What a shame about your tree. Our cat just likes to sit under our tree luckily but they do like to sit in the middle of my table when I’m working. Cats are really funny aren’t they.


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