Cleanout Giveaway-Day three

Oops I slept in this morning. The phone rang at 6am and it was a wrong number..who rings people at 6am? They werent very apologetic either! … Then I slept in.

Thanks for all your comments yesterday it was very entertaining reading what your cats and dogs get up to!

Okay the winner of yesterdays kete  is…

Congratulations Sandra M!! You can thank my son Rhys for pulling your name out.


And heres whats for Day three…raining here so not a good picture. I can show you a few things in this bag as they are all retired SU items. Some of the watercolour crayons havent even been used!

This bag is definately for the card makers and is chocca full of clear stamps and supplies.

So leave me a comment by Midnight tonight. Only NZ residents are eligible for the draw sorry!

Because of Stampin’ Up! rules I cannot show you the other manufacturers items that Im giving away so to get around that ..each bag or box will be a mystery until you get it. I can show you any Stampin’ Up! product that has retired though.

Believe me when I say you will LOVE whats in the bag or box ..and if you dont…pass it along to someone who does.

And I managed to do these cards last week just before Christmas. I was using up scraps from some cards I was doing for a customer.

Its great to have a bit of a stash of cards to give away when you need them..not that ever happens in this house as I use them as fast as I  can make them it seems.

These ones however, are going for sale at a local market I have coming up.


Oh and Happy Birthday to Teds Mum!


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  1. Jane

    Again – a generous offering.
    It is soooo good having a competition “NZ only”!!
    Hopefully the rain will keep the farmers smiling!


  2. Rachel

    Congrats Sandara!!!! Yay how exciting it will be like christmas all over again!
    I am hoping to make a card today as it is raining in the south too! I have to make a baby boy card for a good friend of mine and I am so looking forward to it as my scrappin/card making stuff has been in storage for nearly 6 weeks due to the renovations so look out when I get started!
    Thanks Delys for the chance to win hope you are having a fun day 🙂


  3. Val Harris

    I get the late calls, usually around midnight when my family forget time differences!
    Lovely cards.
    Rain, good excuse to sit and make cards and forget the housework.


  4. angela knight

    But if you had been milking then you wouldn’t have been woken up! can you get the last number and ring them back at 4am? love those cards. I have been making sme lately, but keep forgetting birthdays!!!!


  5. Ted

    Oh no … forgot Mums birthday … had a conference with Tana, Chelz and Shultz and we have deicided to lay low today so she will forget we are here … she went swimming again anyway …
    I do know that shed like that bag you have that stash of stuff in tho … she’s likes bags … not old bags tho! One of her customers told her she was an old bag one day … she got a tad upset at being called old – didnt mind the bag, just got upset about the old stuck in front of it!
    Mum came back with worm pills for me – I have an itchy ar@% …


  6. sandra m

    Yay, Thanks Rhys.
    6am seriously that is still night time LOL
    I am back to work tomorrow ick, but yesterday I made 8 cards, I also made Mr Housewife a new Peg apron and I made myself a Stampin Up Marker storage roll, go me


  7. Lesley

    Christmas is over for another year, daughter and grandson have gone back to Wellington this morning and I’m feeling rather flat. Some scrapping may just be the distraction I need – thanks for the inspiration Delys



  8. Ashlee

    Thats shite about your caller, Delys! I have had those too – or late night ones. Once I had one from overseas and he was soooo apologetic and we ended up having a little chat LOL


  9. Sam Raymond

    It must be the time of year for it. Santa brought me a new printer which has required some rearranging in the scraproom. It amazes me that when you start to move stuff it seems to expand. Must get stuck in tonight and try and make it shrink again so I can find my desk and get stuck into some serious scrapping, so I can use this new toy.


  10. Carey

    Finished being Mrs Claus and starting to discover scrap desk again – love looking at your cards – I’m all inspired and it’s just started raining……


  11. Dee

    Oh no – don’t ya just hate those early morning wakeup calls ( I have a fil that does that).
    We had heaps of rain over night and now its blowing and stinking hot!! Too hot to craft today.


  12. Colleen Elvey

    Wow another great package by the looks. My daughter Tiana and l love seeing the different things you photograph.
    Would be great to win, as for me its a day of migrains so not much getting done here today, although l should be in town exchanging my birthday money yeah only 2 days till l am 31 haha
    Enjoy your afternoon


  13. JulieB

    Nice cards. I do seem to have a lot of friends birthdays around this time of the year and now need to switch from christmas cards to birthday cards.


  14. Ivy Williams

    Just arrived home from 2 DOOZY shakes in ChristChurch,the 1st one knocked me off my chair,being in a strange place i just didn’t know where to run first,I DIDN’T like it at all :(:( lovely to see the family but glad to be home & around familier places.
    Hope every one had a good Xmas.;):)


  15. Karen

    We have had enough of the rain too, it has been non stop since yesterday lunch time although a great excuse to stay inside and finish a scrapbook that I need to have done for the 2nd weekend in January


  16. Kaye Treloar

    Day three wow thanks so much for the chance to win., but we are a winner every time we visit your site, as love your ideas. Thanks so much.


  17. Tee-Jay

    As always Delys the cards are beautiful. Very wet and windy here in Wanganui too, a perfect day for crafting. I have been busy making more cards for Otago Hospice to sell. Fingers crossed its wet and windy tomorrow too as I won’t feel guilty sneaking away to the craft room again.


  18. Gloria Humpherson

    Hi loved your photos of your dog and cat I am having a lovely time in Auckland with my family . The girls did the shops today how exciting it was for Anna and me after shopping in Whakatane.


  19. Karen Johnson

    Certainly been an interesting day for the weather!!! Just blown/driven home from Carterton – Love the card – just as I love all your work! Merry Christmas


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