Cleanout Giveaway-Day 5

Woohoo five days already! Everyday I think oh its coming to an end ..and then I find a new box of stuff!

Okay here is the winner of Day fours bag of goodies! I had two Helens comment but it was Helen McCready who has won (sorry Helen J!) Just because thats a bit sad Im sending you something too.

Congratulations Helen McCready. Ill be sending you an email shortly.


And onto my Day 5 giveaway. The bag is a SU bag today as the bag I had planned for these goodies was too small!

You can see some retired SU goodies there ..ribbon, Ruby red cardstock and subtles retired watercolour crayons. There is HEAPS of stuff in this bag. A die and grungeboard from TH. Lots and lots of yummy stuff!


So leave me a comment by Midnight tonight. Only NZ residents are eligible for the draw sorry!

Because of Stampin’ Up! rules I cannot show you the other manufacturers items that Im giving away so to get around that ..each bag or box will be a mystery until you get it. I can show you any Stampin’ Up! product that has retired though.

Believe me when I say you will LOVE whats in the bag or box ..and if you dont…pass it along to someone who does.

I created yesterday ..did you? I struggled with mojo unfortunately. This always happens when I have a wee break from crafting!. I got my playdate rubons out though and came up with this card. I decorated the inside too. Hopefully I will find my mojo today as have more projects to do for my DT commitments. The next couple of days I will have two posts as I show my DT projects as well as my giveaway posts. See you tomorrow!


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  1. samantha mcstay

    What a great compition and fantastic cards. This has inspired me to sort out my craft table and get back into it after giving birth to my first child 5 weeks ago. thanks for helping me find my mojo!


  2. Karen Johnson

    OOOOOOOh another exciting bag of goodies – isn’t it scary what you find when you start to have a clean up/out – I have just been doing the same – Love the card


  3. Donna

    What a great idea – a clean out – might even inspire me too – maybe.

    I am just home from holiday and haven’t managed to create anything for a week or two but hopefully today.


  4. Val Harris

    What a pretty wee card.
    Love the look of the watercolour crayons – I have been using Kaaren’s and they are really neat. Oops! maybe i shouldn’t mention that, hope she isn’t peeking on the comments.
    Have a good day


  5. Helen

    It must be lovely to have a name like Helen
    I was so excited for a moment and then Delys, your generosity showed through.
    Oh what fun to watch the post.
    Slow down and find time to smell the roses Delys!
    Enjoy that holiday to come


    • Delys

      Dont worry Helen Ive read 3 books in 2 reading but dont get time throughout the year so its been wonderful to get time to read.
      Knew youd understand ..thought it was mean not to send you something as well!


  6. Colleen Elvey

    Hi Delys
    Wow another great bag.
    As for did a creat yesterday, nope only some blue berry muffins, but Tiana did…. I got a beautiful card this morning from her.
    Got to love bdays


  7. Theresa

    Wow! I am amazed that you are on day 5 of the giveaway (I am currently ignoring most of the craft items I have promised my husband I will list on Trademe as I can’t decide what to keep!!)

    Love the card 🙂


  8. Beverley Warwick

    I can’t believe you still have that much stuff to give away! … okay … if I’m honest I probably have just as much here that could easily go to a new home, it’s amazing how much we crafters accumulate!


  9. Lainie

    Wow Delys, that is awesome you got to read three books! Which authors do you like? Love your latest card, so sweet and I can’t wait to see your DT work.


  10. Lorraine Knight

    Wow another great card and another awesome goodies bag, you are the best.
    You inspired me to get my assignment out of the way almost finished so I can spend a couple days creating something for myself for a change. Thanks so much Dely’s you are a legend. Good on you reading three books I don’t dare read anything other than my assignments or they wont get done. Have a great New Year.


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