Cleanout Giveaway-Day 7

Sorry I’m late posting this as Ive been rummaging around to make this last bag chocka and full of yummy stuff..stuff that I wasnt going to give away but Ive changed my mind. (Dont worry I still have a stash of stuff that I cant possibly part with!)

But first of all..

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope your 2011 is as wonderful, fulfilling and filled with lots of crafty days!


Second of all..

Heres Day 6’s winner..

Congratulations Narelle!!  Ill be emailing you to get your address so I can send your bag off!

and thirdly here is

Day 7’s Giveaway.

Glimmermist, chipboard, primo (you know the one) stuff.

and all these retired ribbon rolls. (but not the bowl as thats my hubbys weetbix bowl lol)

So leave me a comment by Midnight tonight. Only NZ residents are eligible for the draw sorry!

Because of Stampin’ Up! rules I cannot show you the other manufacturers items that Im giving away so to get around that ..each bag or box will be a mystery until you get it. I can show you any Stampin’ Up! product that has retired though.

Believe me when I say you will LOVE whats in the bag or box ..and if you dont…pass it along to someone who does.


and what Ive been up to today and yesterday? (well apart from milking the cows), Ive been doing up these for an upcoming Berry festival in Whakatane (next Saturday) in the the main street. Ive filled 50 so far and I dont want to see another pebble! So ill be starting on the red jellybeans and berry lollies today. I still have to decorate them too.


Add Yours
  1. Jane

    Last chance! Thanks for the opportunities I bet the winners are thrilled with their goodies. I’ll take this opportunity to wish you a Happy 2011.


  2. Helen McCready

    Happy New Year to all. On go slow today. Thanks for the chance of goodies. Looking forward to more interesting and exciting new ideas.


  3. sandra m

    Last super duper bag, fantastic.
    I am seeing those skinny cellophane bags used everywhere. Can you get them in NZ? I have seen them in a online US store but don’t want to buy so many,
    Anyone want to sell me some?????



  4. Ivy Williams

    Look forward to seeing you on “The Strand” Dely’s my oh my where do you find the time me thinks you should be on the New Yrs Honour list LOL
    Happ New Year !!!


  5. angela knight

    Happy New Year Delys!!! Lets hope we can catch up for a play soon!!! I love the look of that ba..I can see the black and white dot packaging!!. I am uploading a summer page on just add ink too!
    Have a nice day…I am a little hungova


  6. edna

    Happy New Year to you and yours Delys, thank you so much for giving us a chance to play along and even win some goodies as well, it has made the holidays even more fun for us ,looking forward to even more exciting cards in the New Year. love the skinny bags


  7. Karen Johnson

    Oh what fun!!! You can certainly have too much of one thing – happy decorating your lolly tubes — Happy New Year to you all


  8. Colleen Elvey

    Hey Delys,
    Wow final day of giveaways. How kind it has been for 7 days that you have taken the time to giveaway some packs that look pretty amazing.
    Just wondering on your last photo today about the pebbles etc where do you buy the bag things. I have seen everyone using them but havent had a clue where to get them.
    Would be great to find out. Have a great New Years and 2011


  9. Tee-Jay

    Happy New Year Delys. I look forward to seeing more of your creativity. All the best for 2011 to you and your family. Many thanks for your huge generosity over the past 7 days.


  10. Sally Haultain

    Hey Delys, Happy New Year to you and your family. Looks like you are starting 2011 just as busy as you were last year. The giveaway goodies look very exciting.


  11. Lorraine Knight

    Happy New Year Dely’s to you and your family, Thanks for the chance to win some of your stuff it all looked exciting. The pebbles look yum and very colourful by the way. Had our 33rd Wedding anniversary New Years Eve we had a great day and a Merry night and Bruce took me for a ride on his Triumph today and we ended up at the craft market nice stuff but not as good as yours. Have a great 2011 you are sure one busy lady.


  12. Andrea

    You didn’t by any chance have any of those skinny cello bags left did you? Would be very interested in buying some off you if you did. Thanks


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