Berry Festival Tomorrow!

Come to Whakatane tomorrow to see the inaugural Berry Town festival. Its in the main street of Whakatane and the main street will be closed to traffic.

I have a stall with two of my new downline and heres what Ive been doing for the stall.

46 owl bookmarks

50 odd pebble flowers

50 other lolly bags.

The other girls have done lots of cards/bookmarks and notebooks..all berry themed. Hope you come and see us in the mall area. Still got signage to do tonight and running around like a headless chook ..


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  1. Colleen Elvey

    Hey Delys,
    Oh l so love the new photos,
    Tell me the last photos with the long cellophane bags can you buy them in NZ.
    I love the look of them and am going to buy lots of the things hahaha.
    Let me know


  2. bronheslop

    Wish I still lived in Whakatane, just to come to the Berry Festival! Alas, we won’t be there – but looking at all your goodies, Delys, you’ll have a fabulous day. Don’t forget your sunscreen! 🙂


  3. Helen

    What do you do when you have free time Delys????
    Positively amazing
    Wish I could be at the Berry Festival
    Can we make these owl bookmarks in our class please


  4. Christine C

    A Berry Festival – sounds like it was made just for me (I adore berries and would live on them if they weren’t so expensive lol).
    Your creations look fantastic.

    Have a great day.


  5. Sharon

    Wow – everything looks stunning but I bet you don’t want to see another owl again for a while. I am sorry I missed the berry festival. I hope you had a really successful day.


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