The second LO

With it being such a large class at our stamp camp I made two LOs using the same ingredients (well changed slightly lol) so that all of the attendees had more of a chance to see a LO (There were 35 in the class)

This one is about me..I tend to make LOs about me at the start of the year for some reason..perhaps its because I have time off over Christmas and New year to contemplate what Im going to do the next year.

anyway this is the other LO I showed.

and a closeup of the journalling. Yep a bit personal but its no point in scrapbooking all the fluffy bits in your life is it?

The hidden journalling behind both photos are blank however … to write later after the classes.



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  1. Janine

    loved your layouts Delys. Love Love Love the photos of you and Miss J. Stunning photos and such beautiful layouts. I agree why only scrap the fluffy stuff. Honest journalling is good and it serves as a good reminder too……..funny how we look at people and we don’t see what they do.


    • Delys

      thanks Janine! I agree with you 100% on the fluffy stuff. I thought my photo wasnt half bad for a self portrait! Must do more of them lol
      Jennifer is very photogenic I have to say. So is Rhys but he wont let me take his photo unless I sneak up on him lol


  2. Debbie

    I always thoroughly enjoy learning how to make your lovely layouts Delys. You are a wonderful inspiration. This one that we learnt at Stamp Camp is no exception – I love it!


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