Christchurch Earthquake!

..its just so devasting and Ive been in tears watching the TV footage all afternoon, emailing  and texting people I know who have someone affected. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Funny as I was going to post about my incentive trip tracker tonight..(I needed someone to sign up and 2k sales) seems silly now that this has ..

Ive decided to donate all of my SU  commission from now until 31st March to the Christchurch people.  No incentive trip compares to helping someone in need. Ive been in a major flood and you know the main thing is that everyone is safe and you can get some of your personal possessions retrieved.  All other material possessions I found were not important..what was important was photos and the christmas tree decorations.

I will also be mobilising cards to the area so if you know of someone who needs a bit of TLC please email me.







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  1. Jane

    I wonder if you will start other demonstrators thinking and maybe others will follow suit. That would be the true spirit of Stampin Up philosophy – to put others before oneself!


  2. Julia Leece

    it’s been an awful day thats for sure Delys! I am sure all you do for the people in CHCH will be appreciated! I know it’s hard to know what to do as we feel so helpless up here! I hope to arrange our families monetary donation today and I love your idea about sending cards. I will send some today to all I know too – thanks for planting the seed!!


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