Thank You!!!

Thanks so much …to my wonderful and supportive customers and my awesome and close knit team (Del INK quents) …this morning I got notification that I have qualified for the 2011 Incentive Trip to Fiji!!! Yahoo!

So excited! So relieved! So thankful!

So very happy!














My Big Shot Draw will be taking place on Sunday..have you got your ticket?



Add Yours
  1. Janine

    whoooo hoooo that’s awesome Delys, and if anyone deserves this it is you. You worked hard for this!! I am so excited for you. Melborune and Fiji this year whoo hoo


  2. Mae Collins

    Congratulations Delys, you deserve this. Can’t wait to meet you in person at Convention in May, in Melbourne. I can offer my bag carrying services to make your trip to Fiji even more relaxing! LOL


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