Tasteful Trim Die

I made this card especially for Patrice Easton for her birthday last month. I was a bit late sending it to her but never mind..at least she got one lol

I just love the new Tasteful trim die and the decorative label punch!  I recreated the card and then taught some of my ladies how to cut down the decorative label punch like I have here.

The paper is the new Botanical Gazette paper which I will be using lots no doubt about that!

Righto off to interview a new farm worker and then start to pack up my stuff for this weekends retreat! Countdown mode here!


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  1. Patrice

    I absolutely love this card Delys, and can I tell all your wonderful blog readers just how divine it is irl! Stunning! I’m so lucky to have this little gem in my collection.

    Thank you Delys x


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