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This was my final project that I showed at Convention. I havent shown it yet as Ive been busy teaching it to my classes. Im almost done with teaching it (just one more in Rotorua in a couple of weeks)

If you are like me when you make mini albums ..the inserts always come out and then end up in the wrong pocket so I made this album so they dont fall out at all. They are made with our large square envelopes (you can see my other smaller version in a couple of days). They hook up on the flap of the envelope.

Now my inspiration for this album was from a card I saw a couple of years ago but I have since moved computers and I cant find the link for that. I made mine vertical though.

Ive since found another version using CD envelopes since I made mine and you can see Michelle Allens’ here.Check out that website..lots of yummy ideas there!

Just when you think youve come up with something new..you find someone on the other side of the world has done the same. lol

Mine was a 70s inspired album which I thought went beautifully with the Autumn Spice Specialty papers.

I had a lot of fun using these papers, felt, Tasteful trim die,  flower folds die, lots of jumbo eyelets and my fave….adhesive sheets! My main focus was on the journalling so there is very little stamping on there. The photos I sourced from the internet as my parents were terrible at taking photos and used to cut of the heads when taking the photos..lol was that just my parents or did yours do that too?  We also lost a lot of photos in our flood in 2004.

If you are interested in a kit or doing this class in Rotorua or a private class then.. email me!


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  1. Anita Kleinjan

    This looks lovely Delys. What a good idea to use envelopes. I made an envelope book with my daughters birthday guests years ago, but this is a little more upscaled. Couldn’t help but read your list of fav programs, and that bought back memories. What a good idea to document such every day events. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Paula Dobson

    This is such a gorgeous album and I would love to make one for myself after seeing and reading this IRL! Such memories of the seventies!! Love the colours and everything about it. It certainly brough me back to a time in my life that was carefree and fun!


  3. Mae Collins

    WOW is right with this project and seeing it at Convention I was inspired to put the idea away for a later date when I had more time to sit and complete a bigger project. Thanks for the inspiration Delys you are awesome!


  4. Ted

    Mum said she went to one of your classes and made one of these … thats probably why she has pictures of David Cassidy and Mary Tyler Moore hanging around … oh and that guy with all the teeth that sings Crazy Horses and that geeky Puppy Love song – whats wiff dat ?? Luv Ted


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