Retired List

How excited was I this morning to pre order for the new Idea Book and Catalogue coming out in one month!! Lots of yummy stuff in there thats for sure.

If you would like a new catalogue, you can pre order your copy with me for $12 plus postage if you arent local. Of course if you are a regular in one of my classes you will be getting one for free ..maybe even in your next class? How about you give me your retired list order and I will give you your new catalogue in return! lol

So the retired list is up and you can check that out here  Availability_en-AU

Dont sit on your orders as when they are sold out thats it forever!

I will be putting up a retired list of my stamps later on this month.

About Delys of milky bars, Chocolate, fruit and coffee. Sharemilker, Mother and Wife Scrapbooker and storyteller of our lives.

One thought on “Retired List

  1. Mum is frantic and is counting her pennies in the hope that she has enuff pingers for whateva u r talkin bout … Tana and Chelz r whisperin in da corner bout it and sayin things lke “it alrite as long as she membas 2 get our food for da month” dats all dey fink bout … as 4 moi Im just hapi on da couch … luv Ted


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