Hidden Glider card

I was blog surfing (or blurfing hahaha) recently and saw this amazing card by Lynn Pratt which I just had to do so I purchased her tutorial and made it into a Christmas card. Its a cute idea I think..especially if you want to pop a gift card/visa gift card in there for Christmas.

I also found by stamping my greeting (Christmas greetings), that it was mounted crooked on my block… Darn it! So I popped it into the microwave for 10 secs and lifted the rubber and corrected it..did you know that little tip? I put it in 5 sec bursts as you dont want to melt the rubber or catch fire to the block now do you? lol

Packing my bags today for Fiji..getting really excited now!



About Delyshttp://rowanz.wordpress.com/Lover of milky bars, Chocolate, fruit and coffee. Sharemilker, Mother and Wife Scrapbooker and storyteller of our lives.

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