Christmas Pillow box owls

Ive been making lots of stuff to sell lately for a Christmas Show Im at in a couple of weeks..and these are my current favourite. You can see they have a cadbury magical elf inside. Ive made 26 and thats it..Im sick of making them lol

I got the inspiration from cute! Im not sure of the original artist but I think it was this talented person here. Its wonderful to see the inspiration and how everyone has taken it along the way! Ive done these in July for a Palliative care fundraiser in Gisborne and will be teaching these as a $2 donation at my Christmas show. All proceeds will go to Whakatane local hospice so come along from 1-2pm each day of the show and make one…of course if you have no time you can purchase one instead and $2  will go to hospice. Of course if none of them sell Ill just donate them to hospice! lol..somehow I dont think thats gonna happen!

The One of a Kind show is on the 12th and 13th of November. Its looking to be a fab show and with a free entry is well worth visiting. I know I have ladies coming from Gisborne to see it so if you are within cooee then come and check out the show. (and say hi to me too!)

Okay had a bad day today come right as our labrador of 9 years has been on the way out for some time..She has had T cell Lymphoma for a year and been on chemotherapy..shes one of the family right? Over the weekend she wasnt looking too great so I took her in to the vet today expecting the worst ..but the vet has come up trumps and she is on morphine (well the doggy equivalent) and we are just so glad to have her for a little bit longer.  I came home and gave her a chop. a sausage and a piece of chicken and then when she was feeling better we went to the beach for a swim (well she did). She has been sleeping inside and I admit to spoiling her rotten but Im making sure she has a lovely end of days.



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