One of a Kind Christmas Show

This past weekend Ive been showing at this inaugural event locally in Whakatane and it was a huge success. This is the reason why Ive been quiet for the past few weeks on my blog as Ive been busy making stuff for it.

Sorry this is a long post..

First of all I made lots of these..

But then this came along(on Morphine for end stage Lymphoma ) and ate them all..(this was just a selection here) To say I wasnt impressed is an understatement but its all my fault as didnt put them up out of the way one night of one hungry labrador (shes now inside) with 10 days to go ..I was in some panic!

But I got there in the end..with quite a lot of late nighters.

So here is my stall. The banner took me ages to do and used the pennants die. Below it is some fridge magnet gnomes using the blossom petals builder punch (Ill show you those another day), then from left to right :

I had colouring books (thanks to Kirsty Brown for that idea)

I sold excess and retired cards..not many left of those.

The empty mini milk cartons were popular. I used the tea time scrapping kit for those which made it quick and easy to whip lady bought 12 of those in one hit. yay!

The Elf legs (Julia Leece provided the pattern thanks Julia!) were a hit ..well the girl ones were and had to make up more at the show soon as I made them they sold.

The pillow box slippers (Valita Reynolds) were a hit too (but hardly any sold and right on closing ..2 ladies came along and bought the whole lot! (I hadnt discounted them at all either) so go figure!

I had a basket of hair clips done with the blossom petal punch and also some post it note keyrings. These took me ages to do and didnt sell that well but thats okay I can just use them as little gifts.

Hanging up were more of those keyrings and gift tags. They sold well too. I have some left but Ill use them for my gifts lol

Below that were some mini albums using the Tickets and tags scrapping kit and the one I did for JAI a couple of weeks back.

The other basket had some cute little boxes that were empty. They were popular with the teenagers.

In the basket shelves were some altered shopping lists which were another top seller. I used Mocha morning specialty for those.

Below were some little jars with some Christmas peppermint lollies and my mini Christmas crackers.

On the tray was some two tag die Frerror Rocher treat containers and some Toblerones wrapped in Mocha Morning DSP and the scallop square and duo dies. These were a hit too.

At the back of that was my petal cone kit kat treat containers which were popular too.

I also hung some on the tree.

And thats about it.

All in all..a very enjoyable show..I spent any profit I made on Christmas gifts from the other stall holders though lol. Lots of yummy stuff. The local feedback was very positive so I guess this will be a goer for next year!


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  1. Robyn McDermott

    I was very lucky to get to see the One of a Kind Christmas Show – well worth the trip from Gisborne. Very impressed with the displays and spent far more than I intended – but doesn’t that always happen.


  2. Mae Collins

    WOW Delys this is awesome in both what you did to pull this off, as we all know the time that goes into making these projects, and for the fabulously eye-catching stall. Well done my friend. ♥


  3. Ann Wills

    Well done Delys, I know how much time & effort these shows take. I have done one the last couple of Christmas’s but don’t have the energy this year. My mouth is watering looking at all the chocolate!


  4. Ted

    well done aunty Delys … Mum told me how stressed you got … she said she took you a coffee and you had some good helpers from your team turn up to help too … I thought that was pretty neat … luv Ted


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