Scraps of Paper!

Ive decided to put a few cards up today as otherwise I wont get through them all as have scrapbooking LOs  to show too. Im chomping at the bit to show some of my new stuff Ive been working on see? (new mini sneak peeks YUM!)

So here is three cards using Everyday Enchantment scraps I showed at Stampcamp in the weekend. This first one was inspired from a card I saw on Pinterest by Alison Spellman.



The second one is one Ill be doing in a couple of classes in the next couple of weeks as our quick card.






and this last one is a workshop card (we did a small choc treat pouch to go with it but dont have a photo of it yet)

…all of these using up scraps of paper…leftovers from crafting other cards or LOs. Waste not want not so they say!

Come back tomorrow for some more scraps ideas.


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  1. Helen

    Thanks for the inspiration. I have lots of ‘treasured’ bits of paper around the place. Now I have some good ideas of what to do with them.


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