Ive just got back from running my Edgecumbe class and guess what 3 of them gave me for doing so well at Convention?


Isnt it funky! I had to laugh,  as obviously its my Sisters idea as I often lose my brown and boring suitcase on the baggage pick up carousel and it goes around and around until I recognise it ..lol. So she obviously had a chat to these other two and they bought me one that I aint gonna miss! Love it! All three were together for the first time since I came back (it was late May/June) and they spoilt us all with cupcakes, juice/fizzy and buns for lunch. Arent they the best!!!

Thanks so much Andrea, Lorraine and Carroll. Love you girls!


About Delyshttp://rowanz.wordpress.com/Lover of milky bars, Chocolate, fruit and coffee. Sharemilker, Mother and Wife Scrapbooker and storyteller of our lives.

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