Swaps and Sweets

Im still in Utah and I will have been on a trip to Riverton which is the SU Headquarters and Kanab which is where they make the Stampin’ Up! Stamps.

But a great tradition on these events is the swaps and sweets night ..this is for achievers only. Lucky they told us to only make 21 as Id be going forever!

IMG_4869-001Ive used my stamp a ma jig for this one and coastal cobana and smoky slate.  loving the label love bundle ..such a versatile stamp set  with

wedding/baby and the normal happy birthday/just for you greetings!

Ill be home soon. I hope to post a blog post while Im there as SU have given me an ipad mini for my leadership this past year and I pick it up over there..so hopefully Ive learnt how to drive it!

See YA!

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  1. Janine

    I wondered what the heck the sweets and swaps was when you mentioned that on f/b. Hey, enjoy that ipad mini, they are easy to drive once you get the hang of it. and you will wonder how you got by without it. So can you be an achiever every year? of just once? cos it sounds like a wonderful trip to be rewarded with.


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