Watercolour Wonder Sympathy Cards


Unfortunately I am having a run of funerals to go to at the moment.. shockingly young to be seeing friends and peers go too soon, I have to say!

Thankfully today I have the day off work to go to one ..a wonderful farmer and mentor. He will be sadly missed by a lot of people in my area (all of my family included)

I have made two cards for this sad occasion as I know both his wife and family and his sister and family. So Ive made two cards, both slightly different. I wanted to do something for Viv and for Ali particularly, so I chose the beautiful Watercolour Wonder DSP as my get go for these cards.

IMG_6489-002On another more lighter note..yesterday I had the privilege of being part of a leadership discussion with other senior members in NZ in Auckland. We had a great day at the Butterfly creek conference facility and even rode the train to see the dinosaurs and spent time with the butterflies …our sauna experience after lunch! lol

I really enjoyed the day discussing all sorts of things, having a conference call with Heather Summers(aussie/canadian demo) and sharing ideas with like minded people that I respect immensely!

I’m so lucky! Thank you to the NZ Manager  (Emma Parkin-Wilson) for inviting me (and paying for me to be there lol) I really appreciate all Stampin’ Up! do for me.


leadership  meeting-001

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