JAI 232 Inspirational Photo time!

This week Kim has given us an inspirational Picture combo for our challenge this week..Here it is..


and heres what I came up with…I coloured the background paper (which is from the Park Lane DSP) with my Blendabilities!

blendability bookmarks

I then made them into bookmarks as I’m forever losing my book mark ..sadly, I’m not reading a fiction book, but a textbook as I’m studying for an exam in November. Blerk!

A little tip when colouring DSP is,  to not go to close to the line of the image as the colour will bleed out to the line. Im keen to colour more DSPs now as its very therapeutic to colour in ..when you head is full of scientific jargon and terminology (aka my study for my exam!)

So check out what the other girls in the Design Team have done here. Hope you come and play with us this week!

Its a sad farewell to Paula from the team. We are all very close within the team so we will miss her! I’m lucky in that I will still see and talk to Paula often.


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