April MKPLxSU Page

This month the MKPLSU Design Team are using the Playground kit for their pages. Typically this is a school orientated kit but I didnt want to use those type of photos with this kit as Im still trying to scrap my 2013 holiday to the US!

Heres what I came up with.


The right hand side of this Pocket Page is a flip out page of which Ive just cut another pocket page in half vertically and attached with washi tape to the other. (tip..fill in the pockets before attaching the page). You cut on the seam of the pockets and if you are careful you can cut so that the seam is still intact..but if not, the washi tape can hold it in.

IMG_8005-001 IMG_8007-001

So check out the rest of the Design team from our Memory Keeping PL SU facebook group.

Julie Kettlewell, UK

Delys Cram, New Zealand –  You are here

Constanze Wirtz, Germany

Janet Morrow Wakeland, USA

Enjoy your week!

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