Well I wasnt planning on that happening!

A broken foot that is!  Yep, not a great time to be doing it either smack in the middle of calving for this Dairy Farmer!

11800540_10153485658072463_348663508111149394_nSo with Moon boot attached, awaiting fracture clinic appointments, I have been creating! Well what else is a gal to do… hehehe!

So this Cottage Greetings Kit was such an easy addition to my first order from the new Annual Catalogue..15 cards made and sent in a couple of hours..now that’s impressive!

I kept them pretty much the same except one where I blinged it up with some rhinestones in the flowers.

IMG_8116July crafting-001So keep tuned to my blog for lots of updates over the next six weeks…I don’t do bored well I have to say..thankfully, I have a wonderful hobby!

Have a wonderful weekend all of you.


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  1. Sam

    Feel for you I spent 9 weeks in a moon boot with kids at age 3+5 not easy. Luckily it was my left so I could still drive.
    A wheelie chair became my friend luckily my house was flat and one level.
    At least you can use the time to scrap and sort.
    Take care and keep it elevated.


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