Seasonal Snapshot again

Ive had rather a sad day today as Ive had to put my 9 year old Westie to sleep this morning. Duncan was a dear wee boy who had oodles of character. We will miss him. So many memories of him!

Scrappin patch LOs 041-001

Rather than cry all day (well Ive done that too), I made myself keep busy and also create.

This page is using Seasonal Snapshot Collection and accessories. ‘Work, play, repeat’ is from Thats the Life stamp set.

IMG_3014 IMG_3015


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  1. P & I Ross

    Ooooooooooooooooh so sad about Duncan. It is so nice to have pets like this but when they have to leave us it is just devastating.My thoughts are with you Delys! Having had to put our Muffy to sleep several years ago. A cat with a real personality. But we do it again as we now have a Ragdoll cat with even more personality!!!


    Pauline Ross


  2. Ali Bruns

    Hi Delys

    Must be a day for it. Poor Duncan and Mandy. I don’t know when funeral is, but can you make me a maybe for Sunday. If I run out of time to do swap, I might just come for a hello. See what week brings.

    Big hugs and sorry for your loss.


    Sent from my iPad



  3. NZ Farm Tools

    Hi Delys As we have changed our internet security it doesn’t like your emails, when I click on anything to view it all comes out in code, so sorry but it prob a waste of time sending them to me now. Hope everything is going well for you, we all love Karen, Hope to catch up with you again some day.




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