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I would love for you to have an enriching small business that you will love!  I am currently looking to extend my team in any area in New Zealand so if you are wanting to find out more and how I can help you achieve a fun and rewarding me. or give me a ring on 07 5736729/027 49 77203. You can join up online from my Stampin’ Up website (also see sidebar) and the starter kit is just $189! You get $285 of whatever you want out of the catalogue too!  You will need your IRD number and a valid visa or mastercard.

I have lived all over New Zealand from my birth place in Wellington to the Waikato and then down to Dunedin. (Family was in the Post Office) Ive lived in Wellington, Palmerston North (uni years), Whangarei. overseas for quite a bit and now Whakatane (10 years) I have travelled most places in New Zealand..there is not a lot of people who have done that and Im passionate about our kids seeing the country before they head overseas on their big OE. My family and friends are scattered all around NZ. In other words is that I love to travel around this beautiful land of ours and can catch up with you wherever you may be in New Zealand.

I mentor demos who like me are orphans (the person recruiting them -upline-is not doing it anymore) but more than that..I mentor and help demos who have an active upline who is not supporting them in their business. My team (delinquents) doesn’t have that problem as I help them anyway I can.

Please choose your upline carefully and ask questions as to their support ..Id love to have you within my team and join in the fun. My team is part of a very large team full of support/forum/shared ideas/challenges if you want to/ swaps/lots of training..and excellence in NZ.Any questions just email or phone me anytime…just not after 9pm at night as Im a dairy farmer too. lol

I have regular training days and am a very supportive upline…My team consists of hobby demos and business demos and I love both. I started as a hobby demo myself.



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  1. Trarcey

    Delys is one very talented lady, and i have to say even though I only knew her for a short time, she really will be there to support and help you in what ever way she can. So if you are interested in scrapbooking and having a bit of fun JOIN DELY’S TEAM you won’t be disapointed.


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